Print Collectors: An Interview with Wayne Clements

by Denis on March 24, 2011

Wayne Clements (Adelaide, Australia)

Please let me introduce you to Wayne Clements, the man from the land far, far away (to us in North America at least) with the goods, the knowledge and a passion for prints.


von Scaramouche: Do you remember what visual art work first caught your attention / imagination and what was it about the work that captivated you?
Wayne Clements: I have always been driven by the visual arts but it wasn’t any artist in particular.

vS: As a young person, did you collect other things. Did anybody else in your immediate entourage collect art?
WC: My uncle collected stamps and my nanna use to buy first day covers for me. I still have my small stamp collection.

vS: How and when did you become aware the world of limited edition prints? What drew you in?
WC: The 2006 Pearl Jam tour of Australia prompted me to actively buy prints.


vS: To what extent will you research an artist and his works before making a purchase? Will the ‘buzz / hype’ related to a release influence your decision to buy a print?
WC: I am a member of the art forum Expresso Beans and generally I look at the artists’ websites, read the comments in the forum as it’s certainly interesting to get other collectors’ take on art.

vS: In a situation where you are seeking a print that matters to you and the print is only available on the secondary market, tell us about what you will typically do to locate and get the print?
WC: I buy art on the secondary market but it’s minimal. If i miss out on the release from the artist’s website then i generally move on. eBay is the obvious choice to seek out prints but there is also a few art forums like Expresso Beans and the Banksy forum for street related art works.

vS: When seeking to purchase a print on the secondary market, what are the most important criteria on your list in determining the value of the print?
WC: The most important aspect to buying is the personal eye appeal of the work, then the artist’s name and the edition run. I would also add the size of the print (whether the measurements are standard sizes or not) and to be informed of the print’s condition (ex: the corners are sharp or not, any known paper defects, etc.).

vS: Do you sometimes buy a print strictly on the basis that you believe this particular print is a worthy investment? Do you generally give some thought to resale value when you consider purchasing a print or it is not an important consideration?
WC: The past informs me that i am not very good at keeping lots of prints, hence i tend to view and buy prints i think will be ‘wall-worthy” first”. If the value improves over time then so be it

vs: Will you first seek to trade prints when looking to acquire a print? Do you like trading as a means to acquire prints? If so, in a given year, approximately what percentage of your acquisitions are done via trade?
WC: Trading for prints is a good concept, sadly matching trades can be difficult to get a nice result. My trading percentage would be approx. 1% of my transactions.

vS: When considering the purchase of a print, does the printing technique matter to you?
WC: I like the concept of screen prints, hence they are the best for me.

vS: Once you have determined to sell a specific print, please tell us what you typically do to try to sell it.
WC: As stated previously, I am part of the expresso beans forum, so i would post in the trade section there. A final destination would be eBay occasionally. For best results, it is best to be patient.

vS: Do you generally agree with the statement “if a print is not going to find itself on a wall, then it’s not worth keeping”?
WC: For me that may be true but collecting prints can be quite addictive and hence one can end up with a lot more in the flat file rather than the wall, and many prints in the flat file can be nice and very desirable but just dont get to the wall for a variety of reasons eg odd sizes or a very large print makes for expensive framing


vS: Tell us about one or two prints that you are most proud of to have in your collection?
WC: I have a Daniel Danger print called Ghost Ship, it’s framed in my living room. Also all the gig posters for the concerts I attended are special.

vS: Is there an artist(s) that is featured prominently in your collection?
WC: Yes, Malleus (an italian trio). I have always enjoyed the shock value of their art. They generally use nice thick paper stock and they also glam the prints with metallic inks.

vS: Do you have original works in your collection? If so, which ones would you like to tell us about?
WC: I have a small Marq Spusta painting called Being Mother Nature’s Son and 9 small pieces of his, called The Mutated Specimens. The beauty is there is no top or bottom, you can spin each canvas to suit how you wish each of them to appear. I really love these.

As well, this scratchboard piece from artist Craig McCudden called “2 in the bush” kookaburra which is quite appropriate since i reside in Australia. It was also personally framed by Craig made from australian lacewood no less.

I also have a Dan May piece called the Natural Warrior, these are all good and i feel that this is where my collecting is going to take me in the short term at least. I also have a few commissions currently being done.

vS: Do you have specific requirements when you have a print framed?
WC: I get some standard black frames with black mats, maybe a few white mats, so i can frame my favourite artists and rotate the prints in and out.


vS: What in your opinion would make collecting prints easier and / or even more enjoyable than it is now?
WC: I would like to see a continued growth of silk screen gig posters for concerts in Australia. I also take interest in the movie prints produced by Mondo, Tommy Good and Cinema Overdrive.

vS: What art gallery do you most admire and tell us why?
WC: To date i have only had dealings with Anno Domini and Spoke Art, both good experiences.

vS: What are the most valuable online / offline ressources that you use to keep up with art & print related news / happenings?
WC: All my resources are found online:
Expresso Beans
Inside The Rock Poster Frame
OMG Posters
Artchival forum
and many galleries’ mailing lists.

Thank you Wayne!


by Denis on March 24, 2011

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