Print Collectors: A Series of Interviews with People Who Are Passionate About Prints.

by Denis on February 27, 2011

As with any lively and passionate community (such as the art prints & gig posters community), there is a plenty of interesting discussions happening simultaneously and it is difficult to follow all of them. As well, when using an Internet forum as a discussion platform, a person’s thoughts are dispersed through dozens of different discussions and, as such, it’s easy to miss helpful information and valuable advice. In such a context, I thought interviews could be an interesting format to collect and present someone’s thoughts and opinions about a topic close to the heart of many people (including mine) and I’m referring to collecting prints. With that in mind, I will soon introduce a series of interviews with print collectors and it is my intention to post a new interview on a weekly or bi-weekly basis.

The purpose of those interviews is straightforward: To discuss one’s passion and insights about collecting prints and to share information that will hopefully be helpful to other collectors.

If some of you have suggestions for additional questions or would like to propose a candidate for these email interviews, please contact me at: info at vonscaramouche dot com.


by Denis on February 27, 2011

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