El Topo Print Signed by Martin Ansin

by Denis on December 10, 2010

As you may know, there are very few copies of Martin Ansin‘s prints signed by him due, essentially, to the fact that he resides in South America and his works are printed in North America. We are happy to say that there will now be a few more available! The El Topo prints (regular version) shipped to Martin have recently made their way back to us and we are now offering them to you.

Shipping paper is not without risk and even though we took great care in packaging them some copies are showing some minor shipping wear. In all, 34 El Topo prints are signed by Martin and 28 of them are now offered for sale:

* 18 of them are in near-mint condition and are available at $95 each.
* 10 of them have minor edge wear as a result of the back & forth shipping and are available at $55 each.

If you have any questions, let us know.


by Denis on December 10, 2010

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