C’est Ça Qui Arrive Quand On Mange Trop De Bines by Seripop

by Denis on February 1, 2012

A few days ago was the opening of Le Carnaval de Québec, a very popular winter festival which has been taking place in Québec City since 1955. On the grounds of the festival, one can see amazing snow sculptures, dog sled and ice canoe competitions, an ice palace…and the nightmare-inducing and creepy mascot of the festival, the Bonhomme Carnaval. It’s not much of a stretch to imagine a blood-fest horror B movie with a psycopath wearing that costume.

About 10 years ago, the freaky mascot inspired Pierre Brisset des Nos to write a novel titled Les Années Fantômes which portrayed the Bonhomme Carnaval as a cocaine smuggler (he packed the drug in the head part of the costume) and the cover depicted the mascot pointing a gun at a woman in high heels. The Carnaval people threatened to sue the publisher, who ultimately agreed to change the novel’s cover.

This prelude to introduce you to Seripop‘s take on the Bonhomme for its amazing 2010 limited edition screenprint, C’est Ça Qui Arrive Quand On Mange Trop De Bines (shown above). The print can be purchased at their Etsy store.


by Denis on February 1, 2012

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